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Being the parent and/or caregiver of a child with mental health issues can be challenging, even if the issues are just minor behavioral problems. The articles below offer some help and guidance…

Creating a Crisis-Coping Kit - Part 1

What's a coping kit? It’s a box (or a bag) filled with items that helps your child manage and communicate with you about difficult emotions. These items can be store-bought things, such as a sand timer, bubbles, or a fidget toy, or they can be things you create with them (see Part 2). Read the article for more details.

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Creating a Crisis-Coping Kit - Part 2

In Part 1 of “Creating a Crisis-Coping Kit” we talked about the types of things that go into such a kit. In Part 2, below, we'll give you some ideas for materials you can make with your child as a fun activity or (probably much needed) one-on-one bonding time.

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Comforting Your Child During a Meltdown

One of the commonalities among all of the parent-child clients I work with is not knowing how to talk about difficult emotions. This often shows through aggressive or passive communication — in other words, the parent and child may shout at each other (aggressive) or completely shut down emotionally and not voice how they feel (passive). Both of these communication patterns steer away from healthy resolution. This article provides useful information and tips.

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