Carolina Behavioral Counseling

Tele-therapy for college students & young adults across South Carolina


Stuck in the same daily routine of feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and burnt-out?

Missing out on valuable time with your loved ones because you can't find the motivation to engage?

You are in the right place.

Our goal as your counselors is to help you figure out where your life can be improved, identify what changes you’re willing and ready to make, and provide guidance and support during that process.

Hi, I’m Samm

I can help you build the path toward your goals by identifying practical solutions to overcome your biggest stressors.

Dealing with life’s challenges can often feel isolating. Between busy schedules, sleepless nights, and battling with negative thoughts, you may be exhausted, overwhelmed, and just unable to cope.

I am here to help. Together, we will find realistic solutions that work best for you so you can stop worrying and start living.

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Who We Help

College Students

College is more than just taking classes – it's managing deadlines, maintaining relationships, and making important decisions about your future.

This can be a stressful experience and become overwhelming at times. We are here to help work through this with you. We will find a healthy balance, implement effective solutions, and reach your goals.

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Young Adults

Stress and anxiety often lead to self-doubt and fatigue, can negatively impact school and work, and may damage important relationships.

We support young adult clients in learning how to challenge negative thoughts and develop strategies to make meaningful, lasting changes that will improve mood and daily functioning.

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