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Take the first step towards a better you.

Where to Begin

1. Consult

We invite you to book a free 15-minute phone consultation, allowing us to evaluate compatibility.

During this brief call, we can address the challenges you're facing, identify which clinician on our team would be the best match, and answer any questions you may have before taking the next step in your counseling journey.

2. Complete

Following the consultation, you will receive our paperwork packet via DocuSign for completion before scheduling.

This includes consent forms, background information, and details on any insurance coverage you wish to use.

For efficiency, please fill out the paperwork as thoroughly as possible.

3. Confirm

Upon processing your completed forms, we'll reach out to coordinate your first appointment, aligning with your preferred availability.

Once the appointment is confirmed, you will receive a comprehensive match email containing your clinician's contact details, telehealth link, and additional session information.

What to Expect

Exploring your counseling journey with us means getting real support from therapists who get it — like, really get it.

Our team of dedicated clinicians is all about understanding you and actually listening to what you're dealing with. Plus, we've got the tools to help you thrive and own your story.

The best part? You can do it all from the comfort of your own space through virtual sessions that fit into your jam-packed schedule. Whether you're navigating life transitions, seeking stress management strategies, or just need a mental health pitstop, we've got your back.

Our commitment is about making sure you get the real-deal support that speaks your language. Let's start talking.

laptop and notebook

Access to care should never be a challenge.

That's why we exclusively provide telehealth services, ensuring that you can access support wherever you are on your journey.

Telehealth removes barriers to receiving treatment by offering flexibility in scheduling, location independence, and enhanced privacy.

Our goal is to empower individuals like you to receive support seamlessly, irrespective of geographical constraints or scheduling limitations, fostering a more accessible and adaptable approach to mental health care.


  For students between classes

  For clients avoiding the commute

  For parents with busy schedules

  For patients with limited mobility

  For professionals on lunch break

  For residents located across the state

  For pet owners with at-home comfort

  For people with compromised immunity