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What will therapy be like?

Individual counseling is a great opportunity to establish and achieve personal goals, no matter how big or small.

During our first session or two, we will complete a full assessment to determine any diagnoses, symptoms, and impact on functioning. We will also envision your life without these issues and identify what is currently in the way of you making this vision a reality.

I occasionally assign some homework, because — and I can't stress this enough — when you practice these skills in your daily environment, you will have more success with maintaining meeting treatment goals. This will ultimately build upon your progress, so you can see results sooner and generalize those results to all areas of your life.

For kids and teens, a parent or caregiver is expected to be involved in at least the first session and periodically throughout treatment at agreed-upon times. Confidentiality still applies and is imperative to your child feeling comfortable in therapy. Limits/exceptions to this are outlined in the Privacy Practices agreement and will be discussed during the first appointment.

Kids and Teens

seashellAre you tired of telling your child the same thing over and over? (And are they tired of hearing it?)

Do you feel you have “tried everything” to help your child through dealing with difficult emotions and you don't know what else to do?

Read more about our counseling services for kids and teens.

College Students

starfishAre you a college student feeling overwhelmed or anxious about school, life transitions, or daily stressors?

Perhaps recent life changes brought out new worries for you, or maybe you have already been dealing with anxiety for years and you're finally at your breaking point.

Find out how we can help with our counseling services for college students.

Young Adults

dolphinStress and sadness are normal, expected, and appropriate responses to busy schedules and significant life changes.

But anxiety and depression are the intense and overwhelming feelings that consume your day and impact functioning.

Our counseling services for young adults can help you regain control of your inner voice.